Propositions of the First and Last



     Now obviously I have made a blog, and at this point it is simply a feeble ambition. In the past I have tried to start one but my plans fell through as my interest in the subject faded. What I am hoping to create here is a more accessible and broad platform on which I can share the more eccentric parts of my life. A place where I can just let my brain flow. I have kept a log  of sorts for years now but I have never made it publicly available. Leaving others out is fine, but I would love to share my thoughts with other humans, people who can react and understand. Also its just a tad more elegant than using a notepad.

     I don’t believe that any of you know me, so I will introduce myself. I am a boy with no plan whatsoever. I enjoy drawing, painting, really just creating in general. Music is more important to me than food… I have trouble concentrating without it. I also enjoy other things like killing my body with ramen and pretending I remember how to play piano. Philosophical delusions bother me (constantly). Mere existence can be a drab chore but immersing myself in a dream like state of mind helps. Take away the music in my head and I lose count of my own fingers.

     Anyways I will finish tying the knot by saying thank you, for reading to the end. Feedback and ideas are welcome as well.

      Let the monotony ensue; yours truly,



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