Short Bursts of Incoherence Allowed


I was feeling quite concussed today so I wrote a few thoughts down. Put in the form of poetry/short story, they may be a little elusive but some will find them to be an interesting endeavor. Also please avoid judgment towards any errors as I didn’t proof. Enjoy,


He was livid, his mind aflame and his muscles rippled. Across the river a feeble, helpless child was abused. Broken bones and crushed hopes this hapless being was crying. His eyes met the child’s, and in that moment he left. The mossy ground dropped from beneath his soles, falling eternally. The boy kept gazes locked, his face that of a crippled hound. He floated  over the boy and abruptly dropped. Falling hopelessly, arms flailing looking for a anything to grasp. Hair taught above, his skin began to split. Lines of his very own shell lifted and pulled off. With his insides exposed he was truly, internally vulnerable, unable to feel anymore. The pain a distant memory for below him was the forest. The forest of the tragic souls who fled for loss of honour. He hit the ground with an ear splitting thump, a cloud of dust engulfed him. His legs and torso submerged in the marsh so only his head was seen. The birds came and he knew this was it, all he had left were these birds and the wretched mud. All the child needed was him, and now he was gone.

Belittled and battered by her own self, the imminent demise of her careful pursuits burdened her mind. Turning it over while caressing and nurturing parts meant for others. After ages she was little more than a shell of her past self that was mutilated and deformed by forces misunderstood. Agile in her lies, frightful was the joy this woman conjured. From others adjustments she bred and thrived. Before injunction she arose and cried for what may have been, what she should have changed. Too late was her lover and the many who adored and supported. Her family couldn’t help but assume that she had gone, but this was something different altogether. Packed and emptied she had left to pursue passion. Enticed by ideas of fortune and refuse together this ungodly shell partook in activities unfit for one of her stature. She continued on supporting and purporting while, while eloped this women cried. She cried for lives before but did little to heal. Simply existing for the sake of none. Repeating mistakes previously endured she sustained until death gently pried her away. It was over with little in the way of forgiveness. Forgotten and lost the memory of the wretch faded.


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