Constant Attention Directed to Arrogance

So this morning I decided to try my hand at true poetry and I must admit I quite like what I birthed. A little too odd and maybe a little too obscure it avoided my fondness, but after closer inspection I did begin to enjoy it. Think of it what you will, but if you have any ideas just leave a comment. I hope you are able to immerse yourself in them. My condolences,



Interstellar Loss
Dreary love morphed,
Into something lesser,
Gone to the ash of past labours,
Of honour he had little,
Weariness enveloped,
He succumbed to the allure of death,
Flowing life eternally longing
Searching for a fleeting moment,
Of the happiness he will never know.

Focus Allotted to Shallow Pleas
Depleted bones of morrow,
Sound in structure and discernment,
For little opposed,
Clouds of poor judgment shrouded reason,
Unwittingly thrown below,
Wrought by obscenities condemned,
All faded save for his devotion,
To a cause against life,
To strong were the forces of treachery,
Before the occurrence of creation,
Back into the void,
Subtle edges avoided,
Black faded out of view,
Till nothing remained solitary or confined.


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