Fostered by Fear for Vanity Gained


His daft misogynistic statements alarmed. Flowing into the folds of her being they were relentless and unequivocally devoted. Raising parts once lost of deteriorated ideas and memories of an uneasy past. The woman had forgotten them long ago but he wanted her to remember, he came to force severance within her. The harsh reality of it all was too much for her to handle with reprise. Turned over and observed above her he stood crooked. His guilty shadow falling across her body, caressing the cracks in the floor and the curves of the woman’s sides. Blank was his face and devoid of expression it existed. She thought it was over, the bliss and supposed happiness she had religiously pondered. The mere recognition of his face wrought a torrent of emotion upon her feeble frame.

He reached below and grasped her worn hands. She was crying bloody tears. Unable to delude herself any longer she rose to into his sight. He barely recognized her now, once of a tall confident posture she was bent and marred. She used to carry blue eyes but now all he saw was the white of her scars. Her skin was peeling; translucent beneath, it flailed down onto the cold cement base.

Unable to maintain stout composure he fell down to his bloody knees and sobbed. As a brother he cried for what he had lost and the disease he had approved. Believing what she had done to herself was his own intent was the cause of infinite guilt and regret. He had condoned the unforgivable, but she looked through his eyes right into his purple heart and it all came back. The pain flowed through her, collapsing everything she had built and the life she had been living.  All lies translucent now as they had once been. They sat there for hours unable to feel the joy of being united, the two synonymously overcome with guilt for their inscribed retention of detail.

The passage of idle time quelled the storm, subtly eluded and to be dealt with at a later date. He was propped against the flaking wall, crumpled in a position fit only for a corpse . He raised his dreary gaze and was met with a view of her open eyes, now as blue as memory framed. That moment they succumbed, no past shall dictate action for it did not matter. They were brought together as a whole of irregular proportions and stride. All else irrelevant the universe faded away. She stood and he soon followed upright. Shedding their broken souls the two evaded consumption and fled into the milky unknown.


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