On the Topic of Creation and What Comes Along

Here are some sketches I was doing earlier last week, When I was first fleshing out this style of drawing. When I am beginning the sketch I will start with one defining feature of the character, usually the nose or eyes. I will draw a distinctive and alarming, sometimes grotesque part of the face and that will help me to imagine the rest of the character. While I am drawing I keep imagining new stories and events that occurred in this, very real, persons life. Each drawing has fantastic ideas hopes and dreams, I know their inherent failures and disabilities. Those scribbly words you see scattered across the page are notes, a reminder of these peoples lives. Here is the notes for “sunflower”, the bottom most image. I left in the grammatical errors, I think it is a little more true to what my original intent was;

Ugly and mutilated, sunflower; prostiute, grew up, parents killed by gangs lived in slums, he wa stakenm and sold. Slavery of sexm belitted by acts, turned into an embodied sadbness, little by little lost, till me mervin. Fell in love madre sunflower feel. Mroe than the buyers of his body. mervin was juyts as broken and sunflower was drawn to that, the recognition of intent. Righht now sunflower is fucking harriot aka “labia”(stripper name) Labia is in love, but only truluy a side hoe. No love felt by sunflowwer, butr he is labia’s whole life. Sunflower broke her heart. labia jumped off building and killed herself, suflower told labia he wanted he to so they could be together forevor. She died, sunflower married mervin, he came out as gay truly. They wer smoking one night, and then they ate some ectasy givren to sunflower by a client, they tripped out, mervin dropped a cig on their couch. Their apartment went up in flames, they both died. their floor collapsed onto the appartment below them, a 2 year old child in a crib was crushed, and so was his mother sleeping beside him, the mistress of a kingpin.”

I have stories akin to this for all the people I draw, it is an integral part of my process and gives my work meaning even if only to me. Most of them are metaphors for my beliefs and ideas, but done so unintentionally. when I look back on the sketches and think about their lives…. It is almost as if I am given a direct window into my mind, telling me what I want and what I am. When I draw I am not thinking of this at all, but it comes and the meaning flows out of me and onto the paper. This is why I love these drawings so much because they represent me and what I have done. They may be improperly adorned but it is of little matter. Radishes are delicious,



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