Cumulative Synonyms


Your mangy rest
Procured by my solemn claim
Lost time you adored
For it was spent together
With our hearts in hand
We lay as corpses in the dirt.


     Longing is a staunch emotion… It fuels progression but also allows sadness to bloom. Leaving desirables uprooted and supposed betters pursued, what I mean to say is that longing is a catch-22 in many ways. For longing is what makes me advance towards my goals and dreams, but if they aren’t achieved it becomes this dark, brazen cloud that follows above my mind. I have struggled with finding meaning in my life and every time I fail to achieve fulfillment this cloud appears. It dampens whatever spirit I may previously been enjoying and makes everything an arduous task.

     This poem is my vision of what being content is like… Being careless, free and focused only on the moment. In this I understand that the moment will pas but I don’t care, all I see is the happiness and joy of the moment. I have never felt this way for more than a few seconds and because of that it is something I truly lust for…. A lack of that intrusive longing and simple fulfillment of the mind.



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