Nightmares Of The Little Ones



Crawling up an embankment of soil she comes towards me. I was unable to move, my bloodied corpse in stark contrast to the greenery, blood slowly dripped down from my arms upon the leaves grown on barren bones. Hers eyes mad with lust staring down towards my chest, she shrieked and began to flounder, bony arms flailing beside. The frail broken fingers of her hands touching my chest, suddenly shoved inside. I heard the pops of my ribs breaking, one by one until it was spread open as a book. The hideous hag stared into my gaze as she ripped apart my body, blood spattered. She stopped and looked down upon her digits, in them my heart, lifeless and blue. She lifted it above to the heavens, and as suddenly as she appeared she was swallowed into a tilted vortex. The hag had gone and the vortex in my mind quickly snaps shut. I awake.

This was a nightmare I had a few nights ago (I have them a lot) and thought I would share. Not really sure but it is definitely kind of gross… I need more dreams, and could do without the nightmares.



One thought on “Nightmares Of The Little Ones

  1. Noah this is so bizzard and I’m so sad for wonder you your never have a good peaceful sleep. Well written though .perhaps there is a way of quieting your mind a few hours before sleep..Some say yoga and deep breathing and no electronics to have a calm quiet mind…Worth a try..

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