The Link Between Happiness and Illusion

My wonders of late consist mainly of two things…

Firstly what is it that makes life so important if there is no enjoyment to be found within,

And secondly why is it that people fail to see the burning fires within each other.

These are two things that have weighed me down lately, and viewed together are conjoined opposites. For as far as I can tell we as humans are a cruel and malicious lot, seeking out to destroy with irregular judgment. We search for excitement to raise up the monotony of life, and more than likely that excitement found will be taken at the cost of others dignity and mental form.

I am not just talking about pain caused with intent here, I am more leaning towards the idea that all humans inherently rank each other worth. We observe, detect and retract all based on opinions given by an inadequate turp. We lust about for hours and hours searching for that single flaw that we know exists. People feel entitled to the be the passer of judgment and swing that oh so powerful illusion; it is rarely gone about in a maniacal fashion but often out of curiosity. We approach ourselves as individuals with a tasteful tiptoe, but as soon as its laid out anonymously we turn to something wicked, born not of beauty but of blood and bitter air.

Somewhere along the road of our development we foster this cynicism that gradually engrained itself into the folds of our very own beings. It molests most good and rears its ugly head under the guise of anonymity…. And this all wraps back around to this lack of happiness within, because I have found that if all this evil swirls around a persons head it begins to infect. Each ones individual stink pushing its way through the cracks of another’s mind, it brings with it a rot that engulfs whatever device responsible for conjuring up pleasure.

I’ll likely return to this with some misinformed and antiquated antidote big until then I do believe that this is something that need be minded and consequently thought for,



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