Some Thoughts on Social Norms


When asked “How are you?” You reply with “I’m fine.” And generally you will never doubt the idea that you are truly alright. Its a blind question that is normally followed up with an insignificant remark of satisfaction.

Even if you’re being dragged through spit and blood you will say that your condition is fair… Why would anyone say that?; Because they know that no one wants to hear how they truly are, no one gives any care towards others problems as long as the issues are not arisen. What I have observed is that unless something is spoken of frankly, people make fact the idea that there are no issues.

“Its not the right time and place” they will say knowing full well that this right time does not exist. Underneath the lies people simply don’t want your sullen spirit to permeate their bubbly mood that they have so tirelessly fostered. Honestly though I completely understand them, I don’t need any more baggage to lug about and neither does anyone else. Every single human has plenty that’s already holding them back and it doesn’t make any reasonable sense to load more issues on top of those of a past existence.

At the end of it all though I do feel that everyone needs to help others, or at the very least try their best to. I was once writhing in pain and encased in a desolate state of sorry affection and I called out to those I trusted and got the help I needed. They stepped in and provided me an escape that I desperately needed. If only I can do the same for others will I ever feel right.

From my perspective; Leaving hanging hearts be is more a sin than any one act I could ever commit.



3 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Social Norms

  1. So true, Noah…I almost always say “fine” because I think that nobody is really interested in hearing anything about how I am truly feeling…I’m happy that you were listened to when you really needed it and agree that “leaving hanging hearts be” is indeed a sin…take good care…J.

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  2. Yes you are so correct and people do not need to load their health issues on everyone..I feel my dearest friend and perhaps a family member who listens and cares is all a person needs.. Well written Noah…

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