A Boy and His Rattle

baby land pop
Tittle tattle
Went the little boy’s rattle
He swung it all about as
If he was in battle
He did make it sing
And he did let it ring
But the jolly little boy
Did not understand
That held inside this very special toy
Were many similar men
Named Roy;
They buttered his bread
And churned up his dreams
They tied his laces
And made all those silly faces
Actually put quite simply
The many men named Roy
Were what made
This joyous toy wielding boy, Boy.
The short men Roy
Took very great care of Boy
But with each and every
Sweep of Boy’s hand
One of the little men Roy
Would crack open his teeny tiny head
And would be replaced by 
None other then a Stewart;
And everybody hates Stewarts
So Boy had better make sure 
Not too hurt any more of the Roys.

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