buzzbuzz (1 of 1).jpg

Let me prance and dance around
Put your mind into a trance
And I’ll crawl right in
Through your open ear-holes
And start to root around-

(I long to see feel and touch
Whatever makes you tick
For I cannot see
How you manage to be
So damn fucking composed
Hair tied straight back and black
Eyes batted back and forth
Subtle as my sanity
You seem to be aware
That you’re no more special
Than me or her or him or they
And I need to know
How you stay out of the fray)

So once I’m in your pink flesh dome
I’ll pick and peel and pinch
Every bloody lubed tube
I’ll find your muse
And I’ll take it and break it
I’ll smash it and crack it so that you
Can see how hard you make it
For me to see clearly
Because all I can focus on is
Your perfect complexion.



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