Holding over my head
Forgiveness and love
As if it isn’t a given
She cries and rattles
Telling me she’s sorry
That I caused her pain
But she says she forgives
I sob and rememeber
So I take the burden
With my final sorrow
I bring her back within-
But little did I know
That this was untrue
And she was a quiet
Silent enemy of faith
Her wretched mind
Tore up my intents
And called back my
Hopeless reliance on
Love and forgiveness
A reliance that she so
Kindly fostered within-
I don’t want to be this
But what could I do
I cannot run from her
And so I can’t escape
I must quietly refrain
And do my part well
So that she does not
Tear out my wilting
Heart from within.

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