Flushed Confusion

bread (1 of 1).jpg
You see that I’m sad, maybe even a little mad
But I don’t think you care because 
You’re closely looking into my only eyes
Calling me lonely and false
And I try so hard to forget my faults 
But you won’t let me look past them.
I can’t see why you are this way
Why you’re causing me this dismay
Do you enjoy it?
Do you get some sick kick out of it?
I don’t quite know and now I just want to flee
To run away and be free from your brevity
And supposed serenity, I want to forget it all
But that’s not an option so I must settle
And learn not to mettle in whats yours.
I’ll hide my shame and answer to my name
But I just need you to know this now;
You cannot show me such sorrow
And expect me to know of your love
Though I do suppose
You did go to all of my shows
And read all of my prose
So maybe I’m mistaken-
Just a little confused…

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