The Problems with “Good or Bad”


I cannot believe that any of us people are truly good… but not all of us are inherently bad. So what are we? A mix… a bit of good and a bit of bad? 

Every time I found myself thinking of this my mind became awash. Since it couldn’t possibly be either, and mixing good and bad becomes….. sticky and blurred, I decided to beach that dopey perspective of right and wrong. It is limited; now I tend to propose two questions to myself in lieu of those black and white trite judgments we so commonly make;

How badly did they fuck up, and why did they do it? 

I find these two together give my wit ample means to decide direction. It brings understanding into play, something that is normally lacking in a discussion of guilt. Humans are not good or bad, were a splooshing mass of mistakes and successes, of good choices and bad choices… and at the end of the day I think we as a whole fail to recognize this. We will propose false judgements based on lacking perspectives as meaningful… which they aren’t. We need to accept that all people fuck up. We need to accept that we don’t always know best and that our missteps are nothing more than that; mistakes.

Our mistakes need not define our character, our character needs to reveal why we made our mistakes.



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