You Could Never Fly

flyings not true (1 of 1).jpg

Of frick frackity snick snackity its been such a long while since I posted, so I am coming back… as motivational as ever. FUCK YOUR SHIT NORMALITY cause Im gonna hit you up with some real shit;

Big, that movie with Tom Hanks about a 13 year old kid who almost got laid, is incredible. Amazing, sexy, delicious, edible, spicy, pretty much everything that is great about  enchiladas. Tom and the redhead were so cute together and for me it really highlighted something about our society. If you haven’t seen Big the whole movie is pretty much focused on how people lose the ability to let go. Have fun without thinking of the consequences: being a child. At least that was most of what I got from it.

Really this whole idea that we should lose our spontaneity as we age makes sense because when you’re a kid being stupid is fine, you eat too many dunkaroos and you vomit…. But if you’re an adult it could end a lot worse…. two spanish hookers and chlamydia worse. Or at least I think this is how a lot of people see it, you act odd, exuberant, out-of-self and you’ll become a martyr in the mind of your superiors, the ones who are better than you.

I see these thoughts, I think these things and I find them really saddening because all I want to do is fly. Spread my tattered fucking wings and drift up into the abyss of succulent clouds that await me. I see them in the sky, and I’m sure others can as well… floating overhead, just out of reach…. but are they? Stretch, throw your arms out and over the edge. Pull yourself through thorny thickets long.



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