Concerning My Editing, Or Lack Of It

Just a quick thought; I was reading back a few posts and honestly some of the pieces I release is incredibly rough… Untouched, unedited and obviously lacking finish. My first thought was to possibly… Edit the work, “fix” it, turn it into what I now think it should be…

But at the same time I don’t want to change it… This isn’t a finalized publication, essentially it is just a journal… One that has been composed. What is put into this blog is basically what’s meant at the time… I mean, it is what was and I quite like that. It brings me back, to where I was… And I almost feel if I were to change my work, that it would feel as if I were trying to change the past. Which I do not want to do, so I think Ive decided to just leave it. Im not sure, well see..



One thought on “Concerning My Editing, Or Lack Of It

  1. Noah myself I think you should leave your writing as written is how you were expressing your thoughts at that time…as you blog more you can alter your manner of writing as you mature and have different experiences in your life….hugs i

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