You Must Jump

floppy (1 of 1)
Would it be just?
If I were to…
If I were to just jump
I really think I must
Silly men demean my plans
So let’s show them
Honey jump
You must
Get off your stool
You must
Just take a rest
Ready up
Then jump 

This is a drawing a did a while back and I never quite wrote a piece to go along with it…. But now I have so here it is… Hes standing waiting for what he doesn’t know, waiting for something he been told to embrace but simply cannot for the unknown to him is fear itself. The poem is what is inside his head, what the little woman is telling him, the little man he grew up with has left and she has taken his place. The…. character doesn’t know what to make of it for she is vague, unknown and he doesn’t trust her.

Now he is here, his feet lost for now… unnecessary… And she is telling him to jump. But he doesn’t know where to, jump into his future? Jump off the brink of certainty and into the unknown? or is she simply telling the character to jump of the roof of a building…. Jump to his death; He doesn’t know and this is the point that both pieces are a snapshot of.



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