In a World of Pure Imagination


So Gene Wilder passed away … Frankly I found that a fair bit shocking. It was one of those things like, you know, I hadn’t thought of the man for… likely years and then all of a sudden BOOM! He has passed. Its everywhere and I’m left, not completely emotionally incompetent…. nor was I stricken with grief. I was simply surprised, a little disappointed. Chances are I would have never met Gene, but there was always the possibility. And now that possibility to interact with such a wonderful image has been removed. Torn Up, I actually felt something quite similar when Robin Williams died. I felt as if I had just experienced some personal loss… And I mean I had, that possibility and opportunity for appearance has now vanished. I’m not hurting poorly but I definitely feel a pang, a hunger to interact, I feel disappointment and most of all I am humbled by the reminder of death. Simply tragic frankly, at least we still have the movies… And granted I know nothing of the man, his home life, or his out of the spotlight antics but I admire what he was a part of. The lunacy that he helped bring to life… And honestly that’s all I truly care about right now, cause when I think of Gene Wilder I think of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… And the longer I do think about Gene, I more notice his dedication and proliferation of seemingly decent lunacy. He was paraded as a nice normal…. If not eccentric man. But you could easily see that lurking behind his blue eyes was a performed madness…. A lunacy I feel I can relate to. As a kid I do remember indulging in certain oddities included in the film. It was brilliant and I feel as if it inspired parts of my continued creativity. I liked it. Soooooo I drew Gene… Or Willy Wonka. And not simply as a face, Firstly because I am shit at drawing normal faces… But I drew him as I viewed him as a child, as the picture that was painted within my head. I looked quickly at that iconic pose, the hand daintily resting his chin, and then I just drew from memory. I enjoyed that. So what I uhmm created was something for I, it is my vision and perception of one of my idols. Its a memory from a time where I don’t have many memories and I quite cherish that. He may have been a little off but it is quite my type of off. I really love this drawing, mainly for the personal significance. It is really sad, I guess you could say I’m mourning a little bit… Enjoy yourselves,



One thought on “In a World of Pure Imagination

  1. So, Noah, the artist, is my oldest nephew. I have the distinct pleasure of being in his life and having an honest, open, very cool relationship with him. As I am currently visiting the fam in BC, I got to watch Noah’s creative process. I, myself, have very little creative juices but this kid, this young man, has more than enough for both of us!

    I watched him draw Gene by freehand in pen/ink then take that portrait and make it digital and begin the Ling process of digitally adding colour and words. It was completely fascinating and I am super proud!!

    I’m not sure what Noah will do with his creative genius (I’m his aunt, I’m allowed to bestow that title!!) In the future but I am excited to find out!

    Amazing work Noah Mac! Thanks for letting me in to your world! Xo

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