The Power of Percieved Meaninglessness

A fluttering reflection on past expression, it will engulf me… It will take me over with a hasty and feverish bout of necessity. I don’t ever feel a longing though, never a thought towards the reincarnation of relationship, or the suppression of my muddied meaning. I truly don’t…. The way I interpret and see, the way I perceive my own windy reality is a blessing, truly more beautiful and meaningful than anything else I’ve come across. It’s kept my head above the mud, above the raging dunes of depression and crashing waves of anger. My pessimistic and meaningfully meaningless outlook has kept me going.
And I think, however morose or melancholy I find myself… I rarely feel regret, I rarely need to feign empathetic decision either because I am a rotten log flowing down the river. I don’t resist anymore; As more and more of my rotted branches snap off I become increasingly lenient and rightfully resigned, and even more removed from commitment to endure. My mind allows itself to accept, to not grieve over possibilities or failures, and it allows me to keep floating down the river.
Now I can be a very anxious person, and I can be incredibly… frighteningly angry and deprived…. But in the end I am quite well suited to follow into the unknown. To delve down dark corridors and I can  accept, and I’m honestly proud of that. It is one of the few things that will give me belief in myself, in my mustered resilience.

3 thoughts on “The Power of Percieved Meaninglessness

  1. You’re really good at being descriptive! The more I read the more I began to identify with how you feel. Especially the idea of resilience keeping you going. You’re right. It is something to take pride in; life itself can be difficult enough and battling your own mind on a daily basis is an even bigger challenge!


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