Now this is not based off of anything factual as of now… Purely an imagined scenario in which there is a link between creativity and insanity.
This idea has been floating about in my head for a little while but it has never been fleshed out, here I simply want to lay the foundation for a larger and more directed pattern of thought. First I will start with the idea that creativity comes at the cost of reason… And function.
I find that anyone with a purely creative brain will attack and engage upon desire and interpretation as if it’s a gold gilded certainty, creatives seem to jump into holes far deeper than they should… Mostly because a sense of reason has been impaired, inhibited… muted.
Within past “creative flows” that I’ve experienced, there was this detachment, those lovely and surreal escapades found within minute action. I find it to be almost inexplicable, save for one metaphor I have long linked it to.
The splitting of a single hair into a thousand branches of thought, a strand of hair that normally would never be made into anything more is taken and separated. Split into thousands of supports, of branches on a tree of substantial perception. It is lovely in the sense that thinking in detached ways does in my opinion bring out a greater understanding for life, and give greater weight to the good and bad we experience daily.
Although along with more pronounced and unrealistic thought comes a susceptibility to insanity. In little doses I find a certain frustration creep into my mind. Doubtful of existence and reality my thoughts will be twisted up into a mound of flailing hands with nothing to grasp. So instead they turn inwards to wards me, peeling lips from my face and holding eyelids open forcing me to see those icky secretions of creativity. The refuses left behind. The residue.
Whenever a thought is made or a face is sculpted to form there is waste, leftovers… And I feel that to deal with that excess can be one of the hardest things for a delusional to get behind. The function of the dysfunctional individual is desperately stranded and turned back to the pit of impossibility.


One thought on “Oddities

  1. Man- u put a bullet right through the centre of this discussion! Of course there is a undeniable link between LOTS of brains, or creativity and the state of demented intelligence. My parents spent all they had trying to “Fix” this within me- in the end I had to succumb to “it”, or decide it was all B.S.- Trust no thought without you having confirmed it through a reality based test ( First ignore, second swear, third scream – fourth- repeat #1, repeat # 1- repeat #1)) My only creative bone is the one that sort of beat this horror that was my life for 15-16 years and then occasionally rearing it’s many heads – right up to the night before I got married – then I sort of found a tool box- all hand made- trial and error and on it goes. My salvation is knowing EVERYONE carries a lot of shit baggage – not as bad as mine, some a lot worse, but in the end winning- day by day does give you a hell of a “I can manage this and I can manage you, and I can manage – period- gives me that kind of God complex surgeons display. Do not b doubtful!!!!!!!!! KNOW u r the master of u, no matter what “they” say- they r ass-holes, u r not. Tough and do-able- I know! GREAT piece on what those damn chemicals can do- u r a master too! Your crystal clear view you have shared is solid gold my friend. Gold 24c x


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