My Mate

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Everything’s a fucking joke my mate says… We’re sitting on the edge of a cliff, not the biggest cliff to be fair but it’s still a damn cliff. We were both young, blue balled by youth and looking for a way to retire anxiety so we would climb up to this mountain and dance on the edge every once and a while. It was a nice escape from the rigid existence we led daily. It gave us a power, it was harmless… Till my mate said everything’s a fucking joke, as soon as I heard that my heart fell to the earth. My head was turned to the right and I was watching an eagle hunt for lunch, stalking the skies from north to south then east to west. My mate was on my left out of sight and as I turned around in horror I knew he was gone; and I was right. He was depressed, lonely and angry and he had the fucking gall to pop his broken body off of the edge, with me right beside. I croaked, unable to scream. He was gone, the trees below swaying deftly in the wind. I had heard no crack, no splat, and no cries. He had been silently enveloped by the green grasp of the forest; it was too peaceful. I began to bleed tears and horror, frantically clawingg my way up the moss away from the edge I had… We had been on, together. I made it far enough to where I could be swallowed by the forest and then I dropped on the needle ridden turf with a silent thump, and began to cry some more.


3 thoughts on “My Mate

  1. re you and ur mate who jumped – – – WOW- so powerful Noah! “Life’s greatest battles do not do the strongest, or the most positive, but sooner or later the man who can believe HE CAN will win”4. Reminds me of you MATE x

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