Attempting To Take A Peaceful Shower


Its been a while, hey.


This isn’t for art or anything of much importance but I just wanted to share what I experienced earlier.


I was taking a shower, the water was quite warm, and I was the only currant occupant of the house. I wasn’t paying mind to anything much and was in the process of washing my hair when I heard a very deep scream from the end of the hall. Now to understand how, surprising and unsettling this was I will give some more details. Our bathroom has two entrances, one leading to the bedroom (this door was shut) and another door which opens up to a hallway about thirty feet long (this door was open), which leads to the basement entrance of the house.


The view I had from the shower.


Since the water coming from the shower head was very hot, the whole of the bathroom was enveloped in steam. Normally I find this soothing and comforting, but now all it served to do was obstruct the view I had of the hallway. The view only given to me since I had forgotten to shut the second bathroom door. I could see only partway down the hallway, not quite enough to see its end. I quickly jerked around to look towards the source of the scream but saw nothing. I kept my eyes open for a few seconds more, alert and searching, until I realized the shampoo was burning my eyes. I blinked hurriedly and the began to wash the soap from my hair. As soon as I had shut my eyes there was another, shallower scream that seemed to come from outside of the house. I ripped open my eyelids once more and stared down the doorway leading to the sound, and I kept watch till I had finished washing myself.


 I jumped out of the shower, bashed my toe against the metal door and rushed to close the second bathroom door. I dried myself off, and kept going on with my night.


I thought that this was very good show of how my “hallucinations” can disrupt my everyday life. This wasn’t anything reality shattering(as they often aren’t), but it was definitely a shock to the system, and something that I feel I would have been much better off without,




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