Mindless Babbling and Supposed Ideas

Ideas come in many forms

//////”I was leaning on the precipice of distinction. About ready to concede, but unable to follow through. The way it beckoned was unseemly, unsure and brittle. Was it simply to be expected or was  I compromising, belittling my beliefs and past words. Pursuing this with the relative ease of translucent sympathy. Both here and there yet I am nothing of note or worth. Put here to follow and obey, to do as I am told. It has not yet been decided as to what it is, the root cause for our concurrent existence. If there is one… Which there may very well be none. The auditions and renditions that I parade around as accomplishments. The existential crisis I endure burdens, destroying hope and ambition. The inequality behaved and hatred purported winds and flows freely though the cracks. Simply ingrained into us as humans, making it all the more saddening. Judging myself, creating falsities to further my own ego. Honestly devoted to myself, but as much as I am it will always be insignificant compared to my inner desire. The drive to live and achieve missing. To be reclaimed at a later time.”//////

    The other day I was in class disheartened and listening to my teacher snore (while also writing the mess above^^^). This man who has been destroyed by his livelihood, teaching classes upon classes of grubby kids. I believe he now regrets spending his life teaching. Our education system is an outdated and obsolete institution {joke}. It is something you must endure simply for the credits you receive. It herds the sheep and frankly I find it revolting as it is destroying individualism. Individual value is foregone for the good of the many, so that we can have an economically stable society.

     Creatives are moulded and forced into a pre-determined form. The arts have been neglected, shunned and people are harassed because they supposedly aren’t smart enough or because they can’t do math “the right way”. It is antiquated and I truly believe that this issue should have been fixed long ago. We need to teach people that their worth isn’t directly correlated with the number of IQ points they have been awarded. That even if they are only able to achieve C’s they are still valuable and important beings. It is necessary that school can foster children’s minds and help them find their way in this beautiful, tangled mess of a world we call home.

     Implement individualized courses and directly weave the arts into our existence. Stop teaching us irrelevant and frankly useless information, teach us about love and hope. Teach us about our fears and why we have dreams. Help us learn why we are who we are and how we can psychologically better ourselves. At the very least tell kids what the fuck taxes are.

     All of it really does upset me… I see people being shunned and called dumb because society judges our intelligence based solely on the alertness of our brains. When in reality most every one is brilliant in their own way. People may just need a little push in the right direction to discover what they can bring to our communities. I am constantly seeing unhappy people lying about in drab environments. Day in and day out doing the same thing and not getting anything out of it. I just hope that one day I have the power to change something.

     Continue your exploration of the metapsychological, sincerely