Am I still SinkingĀ 

Am I still sinking?
Because I know for a fact
I’ve become heavier than before
Lead bellied and weighed down
Too heavy to move or to breathe
I need to jump up and run free
Dance around in glee
But first I must knock off
This heaviness that’s
Stuck onto my chest


Donnys not that bad man…

“Yknow guys you rly shouldn’t abuse Donny… Like guys, c’mon…. Man look at his dad man, he was a mean dood… Can you imagine trying to live with that? Man that would be tough… I couldn’t do it man.. not living with that creeepp… Let’s just like cut him some slack, do his thing yknow ahhhh…. Like worst comes to worst we all die but like….. I’m depressed so I don’t care… It’s okay I’ll take care of the houses… You know…. People’s residences, ill help the families.”

DR. Ben Carson