Donnys not that bad man…

“Yknow guys you rly shouldn’t abuse Donny… Like guys, c’mon…. Man look at his dad man, he was a mean dood… Can you imagine trying to live with that? Man that would be tough… I couldn’t do it man.. not living with that creeepp… Let’s just like cut him some slack, do his thing yknow ahhhh…. Like worst comes to worst we all die but like….. I’m depressed so I don’t care… It’s okay I’ll take care of the houses… You know…. People’s residences, ill help the families.”

DR. Ben Carson

I Feel Like a Zucchini

I feel like a zucchini
Who’s lying on the counter
Fresh bought from the market
Ready to be chopped, sliced and diced
Broiled and thrown down a gullet
But instead poor me
I was taken to the bedroom
And greeted by a certain
More aroused sort of mouth
Pink and moist
It was quite unpleasant
I felt defaced
And now I’m here
Lying in the trash can
Inedible and incredibly used
I only wish I could have been
A little bit more
Than just a toy.